the marriage of true minds

"The powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse. What will your verse be?" - DPS

I am a feminist. But guess what, I still wear bras and shave my legs. I enjoy wearing dresses and makeup, and I also enjoy wearing old tattered jeans and t-shirts. I do not hate men, in fact I’m dating one, and I love him. I am not fighting for superiority or fighting to establish a matriarchy, I am fighting for equality. For my, and everyone else’s right, to be treated equal. To dress how I want, to be able to enjoy fishing and camping, while still enjoying baking and makeup. I am fighting to be treated as a human. For everyone to be treated as a human, despite gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, anything that society is so desperate to use to control and manipulate people and doing what they want. I am a feminist and I am damn proud of it.